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05 June 2010 @ 02:29 pm
[in progress] Call Me (AU) Part II/?  
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Characters/Pairings: Fang/Vanille/Lightning, mentions of Serah
Rating: M...for now
Warning: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!, femmeslash, but that's expected
Notes: In this AU, Light is...a high-end escort. No l'cie or any of that business, although the fal'Cie still exists. And no Cocoon vs. Pulse sentiments. They co-exist peacefully ON ONE PLANET. Cocoon being the "northern" of the two.

For ffxiii_kink Prompt was ["Light wakes up In her house with a naked Fang on top of her.
She realizes then that she had a drunken threesome when a barely dressed Vanille bursts in asking if she wants breakfast.
*flashback of hot sexings"]

Part One Here

"Look...you. I'm late to something; I have to go, after I get my..." and she stopped with a knowing glare. Analyzing her further, in that apron covering her body, the redhead looked familiar as well. She couldn't put her finger on it, seeing as she didn't read tabloids nor had any interest in celebrity gossip. She then fetched her purse, located next to where the dress was.

"Oh! But can't you stay for breakfast at least?"

"No I have another job---"

"No worries! I'm sure that one over there would be willing to pay more for your...company," and with that she winked at her. Wait a minute...

"What day is it?"

"Sunday, why? Is it important?"

Sundays happened to be her day off. And Serah probably spent the night with that lug of a boyfriend, Snow. What she saw in that pizza delivery boy she would never know. Serah thought she worked at a gym across town, not knowing her sister lead a double life. Still, not so bad after all, if for some extra money.

"We're willing to pay a lot more for...extra."

The gears were shifting in her head, as she calculated the costs and how much would break even...and then some. Of course, she also included her pride and how much it would take for her to throw it into the trash.

"Name a price."

"The question is, how much do you want?"

"...10,000 Gil. Per hour."

"You better be a virgin then."

"Actually I can stay. For a little while."

"That's great! I'll start putting out the dishes then. Wake her up for me, please?" The woman then left, skipping away. Lightning couldn't believe how...childish she acted. Come to think of it, she couldn't remember how she even got here, besides piecing together the clues.

"Don't be shy. We'll be gentle..." she trailed off. She tensed as she nipped her ears, playing with her strand of hair, twirling the tresses around her finger. This was getting to be quite the experience...

"So Lady Lightning, huh? What's the meaning?" Fang asked. as she toyed with her breast while Vanille fingered her. Oh that felt really good, as she gasped out loud.

"Running off so soon?" a voice interrupted her thoughts. Her dark-haired client was finally awake...and eyeing her appreciatively to boot. She was absolutely scandalous, body splayed out on the bed, not even bothering to cover up. Taking a deep breath, Lightning only replied with, "After breakfast. We can talk about the payment later."

She wasn't sure, but for a moment there, it looked like her client was disappointed. Well tough. Her sister will be suspicious if she was out long enough. And in a little black dress, she will be relentless in her questioning. Best if she didn't give her the chance.

"That's fine with me," she said, and she got up to retrieve a pair of boxers in the drawer. Lightning looked away as she dressed, giving her client a modicum of privacy. Even if they did have sex last night, it was too awkward and foreign to her.

“What, had enough peeking last night?” Of course her client would notice the fact that she was trying not to stare. She only shrugged in response.

“Well then, let’s eat.”

Walking just a little behind her client, Claire was in thinking mode. They seemed like a nice married couple, and nothing shady was going on so far. The house had a cozy aura to it, more of a summer cottage than anything. Bodhum was known for its beaches, and the rich and famous constantly vacationed here. Perhaps it was what these two women were doing. After all, she hadn’t seen them before, so she assumed they were first-timers.

Oh right, she needed to call the agency soon. Let Mama Lebreau know she was running late. “Mind if I called someone first?” She asked.

“No, go right ahead. Make it quick though, my wife hates late people.” With that, she turned away and walked further to give the escort some privacy.

“Thank you.” Taking her phone out, she called the number, made a quick explanation that she was on overtime and that the clients will pay extra for her company. And Lebreau always liked the sound of that; meant more commission for the agency.

“Shall we go then, sunshine?” Her client led her into the spacious kitchen and dining table. The plates of food looked absolutely scrumptious. If she’d known better, it seemed like the redhead got up really early, just by the amount of food and mess on the kitchen counters.

Gazing away from the plates, Claire tilted her head up and saw the couple kissing. They noticed her watching, and with a smirk, her “escort” to the kitchen pulled away, and pushed out the chairs for both women. How…gentlemanly of her, Claire thought immediately. The taller one sure had an aura of arrogance to her, but she had seen worse.

“Eat up!”

“Cheers!” With that, the women started enjoying the food, silverware clattering against the porcelain plates. Buttering her toast, Claire was content to just observe her…eccentric clients. No, they definitely weren’t the normal kind she always entertained. There was something alluring about the both of them. She has been trying to figure out who they were, even though she was under contract not to reveal any clients’ identities. But somehow they did seem familiar…oh, now there was an interesting picture. Watching the redhead nip at her eggs, almost puckering her lips as she chewed, Claire couldn’t help it as the mental images were invading her mind at the sight.

Her head was hurting, her body was aching, moving with the motions of the two, currently sandwiched between them. She might have had a little too much to drink. Yet Lady Lightning was not one to back down from anything. A job's a job, and she will reap the rewards. Taking a deep breath, she kissed one of them right on the lips.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked both her clients.

She kissed her clit before sucking at the nub, enjoying the sight of their escort above her head. Vanille had a feeling that she was a virgin; that or she wasn’t used to fucking women. Either way, Fang and she’ll have a great time with this one. Who knew women in Bodhum could be so attractive? “Lady Lightning” gave her dear wife Fang a run for her money in eye candy-ness. She could get used to this.

"Ahh!" She gasped out as one pair of hands were fixated on her chest while the other was playing around, teasing her inner thighs as it gently raked nails across the skin. The light pressure was hardly satisfying her growing desire, and her head wasn't helping. It was throbbing with the faintest amount of light when she opened her eyes, succumbing to closing them as the caresses increased.

'No, you're Lady Lightning. Clients clamor for your attention, not the other way around,' Claire mentally chided herself. She needed to keep a cool head, or she'll never get out of here as she promised. She never slept with a woman before, let alone having a completely female threesome, but somehow she was finding the concept to...offer her services again extremely tempting.

...Now where did that come from? Breaking her gaze on the redhead, she bit into the toast. Its buttery goodness had her licking her lips afterwards, savoring the taste, the crunch of the bread between her jaws. Why, she hadn't had a decent breakfast in...weeks it seemed. Being a dentist assistant can be hectic, and she always grabbed breakfast on the go. A home cooked meal was just what she had been craving.

Speaking of cravings, it seemed as if that sausage was what her other client desired. Lady Lightning had to be a master of unnoticeable glances, but what she saw...was flaring up the growing heat in her body. Using the knife and fork, her client tore up the patty into pieces, before stabbing one with the fork and putting it in her mouth. In her eyes, the action was slower than it seem, the fork sliding out inch by inch as her canines had a tight grip on the meat.

Teeth were nipping on the outer shell of her ear, before moving lower to her neck, seeking out her pulse. Mouth hovered over the area, she slowly breathed out, heating up her skin as well. Her head throbbed some more, blood feeling like it was racing throughout her body.

"Urgh," she moaned out, not used to the sensation. Whatever they were doing to her body, she wanted more. Gasping slightly as her tongue tickled her skin, her legs were writhing in her other client's confines. She desperately felt the need to move, that laying still would be the death of her.

“Hey…is the toast no good?”

Crap. She had been gazing off into space and was found out in the process. She had been chewing the same piece over two hundred times. Well, wasn’t this just great? Now she was the center of attention as both women were staring at her as if they were waiting for her to crack. ‘Quick, think of something, anything!’ She thought, fighting the growing blush on her cheeks at the thought of being caught. They probably thought she was…weird and prone to dreaming even though that wasn’t her true self. Then again, was Lady Lightning her true self as well?

Time to back away from that train of thought.

“No. It’s great…only that…I don’t remember your names.” Yes, that sounded like a nice excuse to the abnormal daydreaming. Besides, she really didn’t remember, not even the aliases they provided.
“What, does Lady Lightning want our names? Or our real ones?” The dark-haired woman spoke up, grinning in amusement. Adding to her inquiry, she continued, “My name’s Yun, my wife’s Dia. That is…about it.”

“Yun and Dia, huh? It’s…just that you have---“ and Lightning stopped, mostly because she thought it inappropriate to ask.

“An accent, is what you’re trying to say?” A nod in response, slightly hesitant, because after all, it was none of her business.

“Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, Sunshine, the missus and I aren’t from around these parts.” Nodding her head over to Dia, she reaffirmed the statement.

“Nope, we’re just here on vacation~!” She pepped out, before eating another bite of her eggs.

As she predicted, those two were vacationing. It made more sense now, what with the accents. Although she can secretly admit to herself that it was…an attractive accent to say the least. Not many of her other clients had anything near theirs.

“Lady Lightning, huh? What an interesting choice…”

Her ears perked up at the sound of the voice. She never heard anyone with that kind of accent. They would make interesting clients, but would it be worth it? Heh, that wasn’t a thought fitting for one of the most requested entertainers here. Money is money, the more the better. And the faster she wouldn’t have keep up with this double life. Sooner or later, Serah will notice something. Perhaps she will slip up one day and the jig would be up.

“I guess you’re my clients then.”

“You guess right.” Hmm, she never had a lesbian couple as company. Maybe only a couple of them individually, sometimes secretly they would try and flirt with her, but nothing happened beyond that. She already told Lebreau she would be meeting them, like any other work. But this was special; this was part of the payment. She really shouldn’t be surprised; escorting her clients around the town sounded like a piece of cake. What she was more interested was how they “knew” her. Obviously, they didn’t seem like they saw an ad and decided to pay off an escort specially named after a weather phenomenon just for their jollies.

Then again…there was no way to completely know a person.
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maplepie_tree on June 16th, 2010 04:10 pm (UTC)
I'd pay for her time...but I'm not that rich. >:

Phoeny: Lightning: fandom dyke bikeaznphoenixx on June 16th, 2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
She caters to the rich and famous, of course she was gonna milk it. :D