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23 June 2010 @ 12:12 am
[in progress] Call Me (AU) Part III  
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Characters/Pairings: Fang/Vanille/Lightning, mentions of Serah
Rating: M...for now
Warning: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!, femmeslash, but that's expected
Notes: In this AU, Light is...a high-end escort. No l'cie or any of that business, although the fal'Cie still exists.

Part IPart II

“Then where exactly are you from?” Choosing to ignore the nickname, Lightning was very curious as to where these two originated. Perhaps it would better trigger her memories.

"Umm, Lightning? You asked us that last night. Or did you forget?" Dia said, possibly in a teasing tone, she couldn't really tell.

Did she ask last night? She must have been more drunk then, because she really couldn't remember a thing. That wasn't true. She could remember some things, but she'd rather not dwell on those. It was too risque, and prone to have her blushing like a little schoolgirl. No, best if she ignored those thoughts constantly poking her mind, as a not-so-subtle conclusion to last night.

C'mon, think Claire. What did you say last night?

"Hey, don't strain yourself now. You did get a bit carried away with the alcohol last night," Yun chuckled at her, before sipping on her coffee.

She had a point though, as much as her client was trying to hit her buttons. Lady Lightning had many patrons, but never one to actually irritate her. How was this possible? Her client didn't exactly offend her, nor crossed any lines. So why did it feel like her veins were pulsing in anger?

It was probably her ego. 'Don't think too much on it, and don't let her get to you,' Lightning reminded herself. Just...keep a cool head.

"Guess I did. Mind telling me again?" Reaching for her own cup of coffee she inhaled the aroma before sipping as she waited for a reply. Hmm...the coffee was made from roasted beans, hint of sugar, might be cream, vanilla flavored. Claire might not have been a great barista-in-training in her earlier years, but she loved all types of coffee. This cup was adequate enough to satisfy the growing pit of strange emotions she was getting from the two. It was also helping with her little hangover; hopefully it would clear up fast, because Claire was antsy as to what really happened last night.

【☆ →☆ →☆】

Her phone was ringing. Whoever it was, she desperately wanted them to know that she was busy right now. Maybe she can ignore it for a couple of minutes...

"Claire? You've got a call." Sigh, wishful thinking indeed. Reaching into her bag, her fingers wrapped around the small device as she picked it up. Oh shit, this had better be good, if she was calling her at work.

"Sorry, I've got to take this," she said to the receptionist, and headed right towards the bathroom. Thankfully, no one was inside, but she had to make sure as she looked around the stalls. Perfect, as she accepted the call, instinctively heading to the furthest stall.

"Hello, Honey Bee. I've got a special job for you," the voice on the line was positively excited. Now if only Claire shared the same sentiment. Ever since she was the agency's rising best escort, Lebreau had been meaning to pad her commission as well as that of the agency's by pimping her out. Not literally, but in some instances, she did offer. And she had always refused. She called her "Honey Bee", the stickly sweet stuff a metaphor for cash, and she was the lure, the means to an end.

Sighing into her phone, Claire answered with, "My name isn't Honey Bee."

"Oh I knew that, just teasing you hun." Can her voice be any more sugary-sweet? Special job, must have a payload to back that up, she thought.

"So what's the job?"

"Someone requested you specifically --hear me out before you say no-- it's different from a regular proposal." Lebreau knew her well. She was about to say no, especially if she was on one of her pimping tendencies again. Claire didn't want any part besides just straight escorting. It was...unnecessary otherwise. That was her goal.

"What are the terms then?"

Lebreau chuckled a little at her question. Claire frowned on her side of the line. Just what was funny about being cautious?

"What's so funny?" She asked.

"Nothing..much. But this client is different. They want to treat you to dinner, insisted it in fact."

Now that piqued her interest. In her short span in the agency, never had she been offered dinner first. Whoever the mystery clients were -- judging by Lebreau's use of "they"-- they seemed to know how to treat a girl. Claire couldn't help but actually considering accepting the offer. In the back of her mind, she knew Lebreau thought she would consider it, at least. She wasn't the Mama for nothing, and Lady Lightning was slowly beginning to trust her judgement on potential clients.

Oh yes, she will think about this. But a couple of issues first...

"Is that so? What else, Lebreau?"

The voice on the line chuckled again. "Is Lady Lightning actually considering accepting the proposal? It is a first for you."

A huff came from her lips. Lebreau was teasing her again; she wondered why she was the only one Lebreau treated as such. It was very possible that in another time, another situation, they could've been the best of friends. But Claire will settle for her being a manager of sorts.

"I didn't say anything about accepting. Just the conditions. The full terms," she was quick to add. Lebreau was either hesitating because of the terms, or because she actually wanted something to herself.

"For one, they're offering a lot as the prize. But that is dependent on dinner. I have their contact number, if you choose to accept," and her voice went low, inflection emphasizing on "dinner", as if...it was a date. It definitely was a date. Looking at her watch, her little break was taking longer than she would have liked. Of course...she had to accept, and Lebreau knew. Claire was playing into her hand, but a date seemed harmless.

"All right, Lebreau. I'll...consider it. Give me the info, quick." Lebreau is definitely pleased either way. It was evident in the gleeful tone she adopted not too soon after.

"You asked at dinner." Yes...the dinner was a rather eventful affair. But the alcohol from last night was fogging the rest of the memories. And it didn't help that Yun was staring at her again while she sipped on her coffee. For a married woman, she certainly had her eyes elsewhere. Fighting the urge not to narrow her eyes into slits as she was certain --yes absolutely certain-- that her cleavage was being ogled by said woman, Claire adverted her gaze away and focused her attention to her wife.

Hmm...she acted like a child sometimes. That was her first impression, and it had stuck, since the two women were so different in personalities, Claire couldn't help but wonder how they got married in the first place.

"Oh yes she did! Lightning, do you remember? The conversation we had about Cocoon and Pulse?" Dia smiled and waited for her response. Wasn't she a cheery one? But no, it wasn't coming to her exactly, but it did sound familar. Another thing, she have had alcohol before with other clients, why couldn't she remember this particular night? Was she secretly drugged? Now that was a frightening thought, as Claire had a knack for smelling something fishy in the air. She could take care of herself. Raising her eyebrow instead, she answered with a plain "No".

Not one to be discouraged easily, Dia chirped up with, "We all wanted to get to know you better, and you said something about our accents. So we told you we were from Pulse, currently here on vacation~~" and with that she put salt on her eggs and continued eating.

"Gran Pulse," Yun corrected her, sighing when Dia just looked up at her and continued eating, closed smile with a mouthful of food inside. How cute.

"Gran Pulse, huh? The southern continent..." Claire pondered out loud as she was reacquainted with the information. That would explain the accent, but she found it odd that Gran Pulsians would vacation here in Bodhum, a relatively small town compared to the metropolis that is Palumpolum, further north from here. If anything, Palumpolum was the most famous city in Cocoon, the northern continent. She guessed the privacy here was suited for the women and didn't pursue further. "No, I can't say I've been to Gran Pulse before."

"Really now? I would've thought you did, last night's adventures and all that." Yun quipped.

【☆ →☆ →☆ 】

"Yea, right there," her client moaned, as she licked her tongue slowly across the slit. Yes, this was Lady Lightning's first time pleasuring a woman, but she wasn't about to admit that. Where would the mystery go? Lightning's face was flushing as she swirled her tongue over the nub. Tangy, a little salty mixed with the residue of the alcohol was on her breath. Somehow, tasting her wasn't so bad, the clear fluid dripping at the corner of her lips. By the various sounds the woman was echoing within the concrete walls of the room, she was enjoying it. She wanted it badly, judging by the wetness.

Checking on her two clients, Lightning looked up and took in the view. Yun had a blush that revealed itself mostly across her cheekbones, and she was kissing her wife. She on the other hand, had a flush that traveled down her neck, glaring redness contrasting starkly against her natural pale skin, yet fitting with her tresses. If she was her usual stoic self, she probably would have blanched at the situation. However, she was drunk. Hell, they all were. And she let out an uncharacteristic giggle. What was so funny, she really couldn't tell. Perhaps it was the irony of...what was happening. Six months ago, she wouldn't think she would ever end up spending her nights like this. At least she knew she was a natural with women, as Yun's hips shifted up from the lack of attention between her thighs.

Now where was the wine? She was thirsty. But as hips were coming closer in front of her face, there was no need for alcohol.
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maplepie_tree on June 25th, 2010 04:17 am (UTC)

Phoeny: I want your bad romanceaznphoenixx on June 25th, 2010 04:29 am (UTC)
LMAOOOOOOOOOO I should be sleeping but I'm on the DSi right now. You're just lucky I'm not at my laptop :3
maplepie_tree on June 25th, 2010 04:45 am (UTC)
And you're just lucky I'm not throwing more bunnies at you. >:U

Phoeny: Here Comes the Sunaznphoenixx on June 25th, 2010 04:54 am (UTC)

LOL not happening. WHO WOULD BE THE WIZ? Dysley? 8/
maplepie_tree on June 25th, 2010 05:10 am (UTC)

Pfft no. But the witch is totally Jihl Nabaat. Watching her melt would be a wonderful sight. :>
Phoeny: STFU Snowaznphoenixx on June 25th, 2010 05:21 am (UTC)

Would Sazh be the tinman;Snow the cowardly lion, and Lightning the scarecrow? THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE WRITTEN. NO I REFUSE. KILL BILL I CAN DO BUT NOT THIS DDDDDD: