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[In Progress] Nocturne 1/?

Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Characters/Pairings: Homura/Madoka
Rating: T
Warning: Based on Episode 10? Is that still a spoiler?
Summary:While rewinding time, Homura gets caught in a snag, especially when she's now in a relationship with Madoka.
Notes: I wrote this before episodes 11 and 12 were aired, and I have a penchant for short, mysterious prologues. And of course, I would wait almost a year before posting it.


"Walpurgis Night is here."

And all Homura Akemi saw was black, the color feeding on light as streaks of blue flashed into hourglass had turned once more.

She woke up. Shuddering her breath out only to fan the warm air on the pillow and heat the immediate area, her eyes adjusted to her surroundings.

(Nonono… this must not happen again. I have to do better; I cannot let her-)


She blinked out her weariness. She felt sweat across her lower back. How odd, usually the sun would glare as always-

It was nighttime.

This—this never happened before. Daylight always welcomed her after every failure. Just after the... fallout. Every time. So why…

Why was it different now?

Her eyebrows furrowed. There was a slight pressure, warmer that its surroundings, on her stomach, and she didn't think it was the sheets. Especially when it tightened around said stomach. Homura was alert now...quickly on the offensive.

Homura wanted to elbow them in the face, so she abruptly moved her arm forward for momentum and slammed it downwards at an awkward angle. She hit something at least, flesh perhaps- sort of soft and tender.

"Ngahh! Homura-chan, you hit my boob!"

Okay, Homura Akemi was sure something was completely different than all the times she had gone back, because first it was nighttime, and she couldn't see that well without her, especially after rewinding time and-

That voice.

She cannot comprehend.

Why was that voice so close to her?


Her ear was so sensitive and ticklish, so she shuddered in response. The mystery pressure moved (moved!) from her stomach...up to her chest (chest?) that she couldn't help but fling it away from her.

No, she wanted a better look. So she propped herself on her elbow, and readied the coldest stare she can muster before kicking the intruder's unbelievable ass to the curb-

(How dare they be in the same bed as I am, what is going on here-)

She turned her head.

"Did you have a nightmare?"

She felt soft eyes on her body as a hand was placed gently over her forehead.

"Madoka, why are you here?" She rasped out.

"Silly Homura-chan, aren't girlfriends supposed to spend time together?"

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