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19 January 2012 @ 01:21 pm
[Complete] Trainer, Master  
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Pairing/Characters: Ensemble; Sazh and Fang-centric
Prompt: "Go to Hell"
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: A pilot who doesn't know how to ride a chocobo, and a friend willing to teach him, if he can ever bear her teasing.
Notes: For 10_orders @ LJ.

Trainer, Master

"Cheep, Cheep," can be heard as the little chicobo flittered out of his cozy nest of hair to hover around a group of full-grown chocobos. The party was far off in some niche at the Archlyte Steppes, fulfilling some of the former l'Cie's missions. They just fought a monster threatening the small band of land-roaming birds and now...

"Hey! We can use chocobos to travel to the other side," Vanille said, finger still positioned on her chin, as if she discovered the key to a locked door...in the keyhole.

As expected, the party didn't make much of a reaction, though Sazh was sure he felt Lightning's palm mentally hitting that abused forehead of hers. However, it was a great idea, and everybody muttered their agreement. They then took care to lure and placate the chocobos before mounting off to the other side of the Steppes.

"Alright, after the Steppes should be the Maharabara-we'll make good time to Oerba," Fang concluded to everybody as she was already on her chocobo, riding off first to scout for a decent campsite just in case. Splashes of water could be heard as the chocobo ran off, until Sazh couldn't hear it anymore. Noticing a shadow looming over him, Sazh's spine seemed to be locked in place as he tentatively turned his head and the rest of his body towards it.

"It" being a fully grown chocobo, staring down at him (or his afro, he couldn't tell) with its beady eyes. Those eyes…and Sazh wanted to shudder at them.

"Hup," Snow grunted as he used one hand to mount, easily straddling the giant bird as he steered it towards the entrance. Sazh might have heard a giggle come out from the guy as his avian steed turned sharply.

Lightning was next, making an easy mount like she had been chocobo ranching for years. With a nod towards him and the rest of the group, she headed off towards the opening as well.

How did she even-you know what, why are you still surprised?

He thought to himself as he looked back at his transportation. It couldn't be that hard, right? Watching Hope speed off confirmed that it really couldn't be too difficult if the kid can ride. Yeah, definitely. How hard could it be?

"Hey, are you alright?" Vanille asked as she walked up to him.

"Huh...Y-yeah, I'm good. No need to worry."

Still not entirely convinced, she placed her hand over his forehead and checked with her other head on her forehead. After a moment, she was satisfied that he was absolutely one hundred percent fine and skipped over to her ride. Winding up a bit, she leaped onto the chocobo.

"See, easy right?" She laughed when she saw his facial expression. His jaw might have been stuck in the "o" position. He had a hard time noticing.

"Take care and don't fall, old man~" were her parting words to him.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm the bird expert, remember?"

A loud squawk can be heard from his impatient chocobo. It was turning its head from side to side and digging at the ground with its feet. It stilled once it knew Sazh's attention was fully on it. Waiting for an adventure. And Sazh was the only one left that didn't mount yet.

"Do you think you can bend a little so I can ride you?"

Black eyes just stared back at him.

"I'll take that as a 'no' then," Sazh scratched his head. Perhaps the bird actually understood him, or rather, didn't like his choice of words.

"I have something to tell you chocobo. I don't really know how to mount you."

"Wow, and here I thought you had experience with riding a chick."

Sazh spun around to see...Fang up on her chocobo, cracking up at her own joke, tapering off when the man fell silent.

"Why hello there, you're serious, aren't ya?"

"...Okay, okay you got me. I don't know how to ride a chocobo. Closest I've been to them was at a theme park."

Fang pushed herself off the giant bird and landed perfectly on her feet, with the chocobo nipping at the water nearby.

"Then I'll teach you how to. Shouldn't be too hard, since you and Bahamut were cozying up not too long ago."

"That isn't encouraging."


"Up and at 'em, boy-o."

"No, not if you're going to laugh at me again. I told you I was serious about this."

"And I told you that this is a wild breed. Wild, not like those Cocoonian ones I've heard about. You gotta be firm and patient with them. Besides I don't want to let the others think we're dead. Let's go, Sazh."

Thump. "Ow!" Sazh ended up on the ground sitting as the chocobo flapped its wings and stepped back. Fang gently went towards the bird and calmed it down again, stroking its feathers and cooing.

"I've calmed it down now, so one more time mate. C'mon now, before the sun sets."

She helped Sazh up before stepping back to let him try again.

"That's it. This is the last time," Sazh said as he readied himself for the climb.

And climb he did, jumping off his feet, but not getting enough lift to fully mount himself. Instead, one arm was over the chocobo's body as he lifted his leg over the body as well. The bird may have grunted a little, if not him from pressing on the chocobo's body.

But he was finally riding the chocobo!

"Yea I did it!"

He turned and gently steered the chocobo to see Fang clutching her sides, holding in laughter.

"See, you're a natural at this," she said, giving one of her trademark smirks, "So natural that a baby bird can ride you-"

"Go to Hell, Fang," he replied. Then he laughed, joining her, "But thanks for teaching me. I appreciate it."

"Don't mind that," she said as she easily mounted up in a sideways saddle.

"C'mon now, before we really lose the party." Fang quipped as they both rode out of the enclosed space.

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