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15 April 2012 @ 02:31 am
WIP meme #3  
When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Think of it as an extended progress status from my FF.net account.

1. "Tim and Jimmy"--Original fiction
From NaNoWriMo, Tim is a 26 year old writing in his diary about things he thinks about. His job includes elevator watching with his friend and co-worker Jimmy.

Anyways, my job. I get to wear a uniform. It looks like one of those hotel bellhops, except for the stupid hat. I look pretty fucking cool in it, gotta admit. I'm fly like a motherfucker. Wait that didn't sound badass. But hey, no one is gonna read it but me. So guess what? I'm fly like a motherfucker in my uniform.

Oh shit, I just forgot I had to put a date on it.

Well, it's March 3rd. Now to actually put it in the corner so I can skim and go "hey I wrote this on March 3rd. My first entry."

For a first entry, this doesn't look special but I think I can grow into this. Watching elevators gives me a lot of time to kill. Jimmy and I aren't actively looking for psychos with knives who storm into one of many buildings with elevators in New York City. Even more we hate the stupid elevator music.

2. "If I Ever Feel Better"--AU. Bartender!Fang helps newcomer Sazh with his rebellious teenage son Dajh. (10_orders)

"People always do." She replied as she made another one. People were shooting pool in the back. Three guys-- one with a heavyset frame, one lean and slender,and the other of medium build. She had a feeling they were gambling, but that wasn't her business to meddle in. The television had some football game on; she wasn't really paying attention. Those two guys at the end of the counter were though, and it looked like they were downright pissed at the score.

She handed him the drink, and went to washing the glasses at the sink.

"Thanks," he muttered as he kicked it back again. This time he felt the burn as he let out a hiss swallowing the drink.

"Ahh--strong stuff you got there." He commented, looking at the empty glass again.

"I'm flattered," she said as she was wiping down glasses with a clean rag.

3. "Soul Sister"--Chapter 7

"I am your instructor for the next six months as I introduce you to standard PSICOM basic training." His boots clicked with every step that he took, eying the cadets along the line, instantly sizing them up. He nodded to one lucky cadet, and stared far more longer at another one, mouth in a grim line. Tough luck for that cadet. When he passed by Lightning, she tensed for a second, before willing her to calm down. He may be a Captain for PSICOM, but he was still one person.

“Hmph.” Rosch murmured, low in his throat as he went down the line of cadets.

4. "Nocturne"--Chapter 2

Homura quickly sucked in her breath. She squinted her eyes as if to discern between what she was seeing and what she just heard. And what she had heard was…

"G-girlfriend?" She stuttered.

Girlfriend, meaning two girls are dating each other. Or maybe two friends who are girls. Madoka and I are both girls, and she considers me as a friend no matter which timeline it is.

"My girlfriend," Madoka whispered as she hugged Homura around her neck. Homura exhaled her breath, turning her head to the side. Homura's face was steadily growing hot, blushing at Madoka's actions. She mentally jot down the differences between her usual backtrack at the hospital to this strange room she was in.

5. Working Title "Romantic Type"--Persona 4

"Ok, so I was wondering...if you would go to a strip club with me."

"Eww, why would I do that? Go ask someone else!"

"Who, like Kanji? Yeah right."

"C'mon you gotta have some guy friends."

"Uhh...you're the closest one."

6. Untitled--Adventure Time (Bubbleline)

There was a large hole under her arm. Her favorite shirt was now ruined. Ruined! How to fix it?

"Peppermint Butler, I'm in dire need of black thread, and a needle," A second later, "And some books on sewing!"

Some minutes later, a pile of books, the shirt, thread, and needle were on the floor.

"How hard can it be?" The princess mused.

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